Lewis – “Old School Ties”

“I’d be happy to spend my life writing books that only 37 people in the world want to read.”

Stephen Gilchrist

Another Lewis post, I’m afraid. But hey, it’s better than Coronation Street.

The above quote comes courtesy of a character whom I have dubbed Harry Potter Guy. He does look very much like H. Potter: glasses, black hair, penchant for hurling bicycles through windows…wait, scratch that last one.

Anyway, this is not the only improbable coincidence that happens in this episode.

Oh, wait. I haven’t given you a synopsis. Well, basically a hacker-turned-famous-author turns up in Oxford for a lecture and (don’t you just know it) gets murdered. Who dun it? Why? and How? etc.

There you go. Now, back to Improbable Coincidences. Sergeant Hathaway (wouldn’t he make a good Captain Carrot from the Discworld series? I think so, anyway) meets someone from his old school. This is just about allowable under the Acceptable Coincidences Code, since Hathaway went to school in Oxford. But, in the same episode, on the same case, Inspector Lewis meets his first-ever girlfriend, all the way from…wait for it…Tyneside. Now that I find unlikely.

Oh, and Hathaway plays the guitar in a world music band.

Really hard to get my head around.

As always, the answer to the mystery is obscure and unguessable and follows a convoluted path. I mean, someone gets given a gun for their birthday, for heaven’s sake.

Never mind. It’s quite funny. And it keeps you guessing.

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