Holby City

“If you work in a hospital, you can’t easily fake call in sick to work. Oh, you’re sick? Well why don’t you come in to work and we’ll have a look at it.”

Jarod Kintz

I don’t really “watch” Holby City. That is, I don’t set out to watch it. I would much rather watch Lewis or even How I Met Your Mother. However, since the rest of my family do watch Holby City, I kind of get dragged along for the ride.

My favourite thing about last night’s episode (for some reason called “You and Me”) was the new efficiency person, George Binns who had some fancy job title that I can’t be bothered to remember and is played by Leander Deeny, apparently. “What’s he going to be when he grows up?” said Ric Griffin, and that, for me, sums Binns’ character up perfectly. He’s going to be fun. You can just tell.

One of the things that always gets me about Holby is the fact that they seem to have a new rare disease every week. What? Why? How? Is there some kind of referral policy in operation at Holby? “All patients with rare diseases to be transferred to Keller ward”? Because the thing about rare diseases is that, well, they are rare. They probably don’t pop up every week.

And I find it highly unlikely that anyone would let an obviously ill doctor operate on a patient. It just wouldn’t happen.

Here’s an interesting article about how realistic Holby actually is. Enjoy.


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