“Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove.”

Terry Pratchett

Well, since we’ve had two visits to Holby City Hospital and none to its Emergency Department, I thought I’d amend that. So here is a post from Casualty, the original show that spawned Holby City.

The episode in question is entitled “Cuckoo’s Nest”, presumably in a reference to the patient with amnesia (apparently a fairly common complaint in Holby) posing as a candidate for a woman’s long-lost son. Or something. Sound familiar? Well, it would if you watch BBC Breakfast regularly, because it is almost exactly the same plot as that featuring in a new film called The Imposter, which was recently discussed on the Breakfast show. Now there’s a coincidence. Anyway, the amnesia storyline was cut off somewhat cursorily, given that most patient storylines are wound up by the end of the episode. Was the amnesiac a con artist, or was he really looking for his family? Will we ever know? Very few patients carry over to the next episode, so I suspect the answer to the last question is no. It was as if the producer had said, “Well, we’ve already got 50 minutes of film, let’s just stop there. Nobody will notice.”

Talking of editorial holes, there was yet another case this week of different family members showing up in the same hospital, all unknowing. A lot of the plotlines in Casualty seem to be generated by this kind of scenario: enemies shouting abuse at each other, parent and child reunited, deathbed blackmail. Good old hospital drama tropes. Welcome back to the surrealism of Soapland.

Oh, but I did enjoy the Dylan-and-baby storyline. Dylan is definitely one of my favourite characters: he’s always good for a laugh.

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