Doctor Who: The Great Detective

“I don’t do this any more. I’m retired.”

Doctor Who

Do you think I’m slightly overdoing Doctor Who at the moment? There just seems to be a lot of it around, that’s all.

Today, it’s the prequel to The Snowmen, this year’s Christmas special. The Great Detective was shown on Children In Need last night. It’s four minutes long, so not a great subject for a review, but I’m having to survive on slim pickings telly-wise at the moment.

The plot can be summarised as follows: the Doctor is depressed. In Victorian London. The End.

Incidentally, is it strange that the last few Christmas specials have been distinctly historical? Last year it was set in the 1940s; the year before that was the Christmas Carol rip-off, which although set in the future was distinctly Dickensian; and two years before that was the one where the Cybermen came to Victorian London.

Old English Friend thinks Dickens is particularly Christmassy, for some reason. Perhaps Steven Moffatt has the same delusion. I mean, have you ever read Bleak House? Nothing Christmassy about that.

Anyway. A depressed Doctor always makes for a good story. I hope. If you want to judge for yourself, have a look at this.

(Sorry for yet another Doctor Who post. The ironic thing is I won’t be nearly so excited when the series actually starts. Because it will be awful.)

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