Casualty: With and Without You

“The past is another country. They do things differently there.”

L.P. Hartley

What? There wasn’t anything else on, OK?

This week at Soapland’s most famous hospital: the woman who got blown up in Sherlock miraculously returns with nothing worse than a fractured hip, and Jeff has to mediate an argument between a friend and his wife.

Oh, and the fire department have apparently obtained one of those bio-scanner thingies that Luke Skywalker uses in Star Wars.

There’s really not a lot else I can say about Casualty. It is, of course, entirely unrealistic. If these people were treating me, I’d be very worried indeed.

But that is Soapland for you. It is, as they say, another country.

I do apologise for today’s lacklustre post. There really is nothing on at the moment. Bring on Doctor Who, I say.

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