Casualty: Letting Go

“You have a choice in this world, I believe, about how to tell sad stories.”

John Green

It was inevitable, really. At some point in the summer holidays there was going to be at least one review of Casualty. So. Here it is.

It seems much has been happening in Soapland over the last couple of months.

Actually, it doesn’t. The only perceptible difference is the appearance of a Doctor Ash, but since I do vaguely remember him from Easter I’m not sure that even counts. Other than that, all the usual Soapland rules apply: family members involved in separate accidents end up in the same room, apparently entirely by coincidence, and enact a Revelatory Reunion; doctors blatantly ignore the shortage of beds in the average emergency department and then shout at other doctors who point this out; Family Problems leak into the workplace. Because Soapland hospitals work differently to the ones in the real world.

I don’t think there’s anything more to say, really.

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