Star Trek: I, Mudd

“First come smiles, then lies. Last is gunfire.”

Stephen King

And…we’re here again.

I think what used to be the Murder Mystery Black Hole has now become a Star Trek Black Hole. Which is fine by me, because to be frank Star Trek is a lot more fun to watch and to be snarky about than the average Murder Mystery, which is just, well, average.

So what’s going on on board the Enterprise this time around?

Decadent megalomaniac Harry Mudd (who, surprise surprise, has an English accent) forces the crew of the Enterprise to beam down on to his planet, populated by him and twenty thousand androids, so that he can steal the ship and escape. The androids, however, have other plans.

I have worked out the plot of Star Trek. Because, you see, there only really seems to be one plot, with variations on location, villain, which member of the crew is in deadly danger, etc., and that plot is called Let’s Blow Up the Megalomaniac Machines. I’m serious. So far, every Star Trek episode I’ve seen from the Original Series (with the exception of Mirror, Mirror) has featured one or more Artificial Intelligences that want to take over the galaxy. What’s more, the crew of the Enterprise seem to have worked out one very effective strategy for defeating said Artificial Intelligences, which is Make Them Explode by Using Illogic. This is all very well in real life – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – but does not exactly make for dramatic tension. If the Doctor did the same thing to every alien he met the series would not have lasted fifty years.

Come to think of it, the Doctor does do the same thing to every alien he meets. It’s called a Sonic Screwdriver. Scratch that, then. Keep blowing up those robots, Captain Kirk!

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