Lewis: Generation of Vipers

“To him who is pitiless the deeds of pity are ever strange and beyond reckoning.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

Why is it that I always seem to end up reviewing repeats and re-runs of stuff at the moment? Is there really so little on television?

The answer, sadly, appears to be “Yes”.

So, without further ado, an old episode of Lewis, everyone’s favourite Oxford Murder Mystery show.

Unless, of course, that title is taken by Inspector Morse.

In Generation of Vipers, an academic is murdered after posting a video on a dating website. This, of course, allows us, the lucky audience, to see Lewis being introduced to “the world of Internet trolling,” as the laconic Sergeant Hathaway puts it. Ordinary policing doesn’t transfer to Internet-land very well, what with anonymous postings and whatnot, but plucky Inspector Lewis chooses to ignore this and Get On With His Job, not very efficiently, as it turns out.

To be honest, I found this episode a little convoluted. It’s never a good thing when you finish a Murder Mystery and think “why did they murder her again?” And it’s even worse when you realise that, after two hours of sleuthing, you can’t actually be bothered to remember.

In summary: Generation of Vipers was forgettable at best. But still more interesting than the best episode of Death in Paradise.

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