One Year On…

“Fairy tales are real not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that the dragon can be defeated.”

G.K. Chesterton

Almost exactly one year ago now, on the 28th July 2012, I wrote my first post for this blog. I say “almost” because it’s after midnight now…but still. A whole year!

After much reflection (well, about three seconds’ worth) I have decided not to link to my first post, because it’s probably the most cringingly awful thing I’ve ever written.

So, instead, the List of (Mildly) Interesting Blog Stats:

  • I have written 308 posts, not including this one. Which means I’ve missed 57 days of blogging…dammit.
  • My top search term is, hearteningly, “the english student adventures in l space”.
  • My top referrer is something called, which on closer inspection turns out to be an alternative to Google. So hurrah for breaking monopolies!
  • The tag I’ve used most often is “TV drama“. Yes…I watch a lot of television.
  • The most popular post at the moment is Derren Brown: Fear and Faith.
  • And a whole 7 people visited yesterday. This is the most depressing item on the List. But then, the Internet is a very big place. Thank you, anyway, to those 7, and to anyone else who’s been listening to my rants this year. Happy Sunday (or possibly Monday), everyone.

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