Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned

“Don’t trust the voices in your head.”

Stephen Cole

Today we’re going for another audible trip in the TARDIS (although, to tell the truth, there’s very little of the TARDIS in The Feast of the Drowned) as the Doctor and Rose return to London and find something fishy (pun fully intended) going on in the Thames. The ghosts of those who apparently drowned on the HMS Ascendant are appearing to their loved ones, imploring them to rescue them “before the Feast”. Of course, the Doctor being the Doctor, he soon gets involved – but is he going out of his depth? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

It’s clear even from the recording that Stephen Cole really gets the Doctor, and why his myth works so well. His descriptions of the Doctor’s facial expressions, and his desperate glory in seemingly hopeless situations, are spot-on, as are those funny little off-hand remarks that David Tennant (who, incidentally, reads this particular audiobook) does so well. The story is interesting and makes a fair amount of logical sense, and for some inexplicable reason persistently reminds me of Philip Pullman’s Subtle Knife (I think this is probably because of the Doctor’s random wanderings around a science building). Tennant’s reading is excellent – he’s especially good at differentiating the characters’ voices – although his impression of an Asian woman always makes me laugh. But, generally, The Feast of the Drowned is a good way to tide over the Doctor Who-free months (here’s hoping the 50th anniversary episode lives up to its promise!).

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