The Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day Six

“Poetry makes nothing happen; it is a way of happening.”

W.H. Auden*

Before I get started on today’s Bookish Rant, I would just like to tell everyone how excited I am about Vitamin String Quartet on YouTube, to whom I was introduced yesterday by Old English Friend. They do covers of popular songs…with a string quartet. Imagine. Muse’s “Uprising” as played by a string quartet. It sounds impossible, but it is truly one of the best things ever, and it makes me very happy indeed. Go listen. Now.

Musical fangirling over, let’s get on with the show!

Day Six: A Book That Makes You Sad

Badly written books make me sad. Twilight makes me sad because enough people think that it’s actually good enough to be the Best Book Written Ever! which is as powerful an indictment of our society as any you will meet anywhere else. Because, even if you like, or love, Twilight as a story, what is there to learn from it? Really? What value does it have for humanity as a novel, or a depiction of human experience? Does it have themes, important ones?


Bella Swan is one of the most narcissistic, self-involved and above all ridiculously boring heroines I have ever had the chance to meet. In fact, I think of Bella as an anti-role model. I never, ever want to resemble Bella.

Hey, look at that. I’ve found a use for Twilight. Is this it? Is this why so many people love Twilight? Are you supposed to define yourself in opposition to Bella? IS BELLA THE BAD GUY?

In that case, I would like to propose a subtitle for Twilight in the manner of one of those ridiculously long eighteenth-century epistolary novels:

Twilight; or, How Not To Live Your Life.

*OK, I’m sorry. I couldn’t face quoting Twilight. It’s so unbelievably crap.

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