The Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day Twenty-Four

“Always live your life with your biography in mind.”

Marisha Pessl

Day Twenty-Four: A Book That You Wish More People Had Read

Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl.

At this point I usually have to point out to people that this is NOT A PHYSICS BOOK.

What it is, however, is quirky and sweet and bookish. I read it a while ago, so I don’t actually remember all the details, but the plot goes somewhat thusly: a girl’s father disappears mysteriously, her teacher commits suicide, and her quest to find out why leads through literature and beyond.

Look, I know that sounds like the most depressing thing in the world, but truly, it is rather lovely. It’s also the book I like to think I would be if I were a book. It’s adorably meta, oh-so-clever, and just generally awesome in so many ways. So…go read it, Constant Reader. Because that is the point of this post.

Hang on. Was there something else?

Oh, yeah…

GALLIFREY STANDS, my friends. Gallifrey stands!

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