“Fairy tales are real not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that the dragon can be defeated.”

G. K. Chesterton

Constant Reader! Today, the 28th July 2014, is a day for celebration, because today The English Student is two years old.

That’s two whole excellent years of fangirling, snark, and general incoherent mumbling.

*lets off party poppers*

And how better to celebrate than a List?

Mildly Interesting Blog Stats #2

(Mildly Interesting Blog Stats #1 is here, if you wish to compare. It is, however, quite possible that I am the only one who is interested.)

  • I have written, according to my Dashboard, 547 posts in total. However, I’m taking this with a pinch of salt, since it does not take into account a large number of posts which were inexplicably deleted – I think about 100.
  • My top search term is now “derren brown automaton doll you tube”, slightly worryingly. I have no idea how that got here.
  • My top referrer is apparently
  • My most used tag is still TV drama“. Despite all my efforts, I am still a telly addict.
  • My most visited post is still Derren Brown: Fear and Faith, which just goes to show that the Internet has impeccable taste.
  • Aand…four of you visited yesterday. Which is better than zero, on the whole. So huzzah!

Here be Incoherent Mumblings. Consider yourself warned.

Just this: This blog is possibly the achievement I’m proudest of, ever. I’m frankly amazed I’ve kept it going for two years, and that people (even four people) are still visiting. So…thank you, Constant Reader, whoever you are, for, well, reading. And long may it last.

*lets off more party poppers*

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