Game of Thrones: Baelor

“Love is the death of duty.”

Game of Thrones



Robb Stark and his mother Catelyn lead an army south to King’s Landing, where Ned remains captive. The Lannisters have installed themselves upon the throne and are manipulating Sansa Stark into submission. And Tywin Lannister’s army approaches that of the Starks….

Like I said. WAR!

This is going to be an extremely incoherent review, I can tell, so I may just make a List of Loosely Connected Observations.

  1. David Bradley (aka Argus Filch) rocks up as a nasty old man in a castle which guards a vital bridge the Starks must cross to confront the Lannisters. Does this count as typecasting?
  2. The toll for the bridge seems somewhat exorbitant. And how are you going to marry Arya off when you don’t even know where she is, pray?
  3. Tyrion is unconscious for the battle, which reminds me not a little of the bit in The Hobbit when Bilbo gets knocked out and misses the whole deus ex machina.
  4. WOOO! They got Jaime. Jaime is kind of another Viserys for me: spoilt, vindictive, poisonous, not just villainous or ambitious but evil and pale and insidious. So it’s nice to see him taken down a peg or two.
  5. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya, would have made a great Lyra. Better, at any rate, than the dire performance Dakota Blue Richards gave.
  6. THAT ENDING. That ending. It made me so angry and so sad, because Ned did everything right, he told the truth and spoke truth to power and kept his honour and looked after his family and still he died. Westeros is a really, really dark world.

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