The 100: Earth Skills

“Go on, then. That’s what I’ll do. I will tell you a story.”

Doctor Who

Okay. We’re back with The 100 for the second episode, the rather snappily-named Earth Skills, in which Clarke and the gang go out searching for Jasper, and the danger to the citizens of the Ark grows as the 100 take off their wristbands.

Sadly, it appears that The 100 is shaping up to be just as predictable and derivative as practically any piece of American SF drama anywhere. The Earth-bound scenes are pretty standard Lord of the Flies-type fare, while the Ark segments are tritely dark, full of melodramatic ultimata and stereotypical Evil Plots. The acting is OK on the whole, but not particularly convincing, and a couple of the male leads are prone to overacting; the plot is about as full of holes as a broken sieve; and even the obligatory Star Wars reference (“what a heap of junk!”) falls a little flat.

It’s not even that fun to be snarky about. Essentially, it’s a failure on all counts.

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