Chasing Shadows: Off-Radar Pt 2

“Old-fashioned heroes only live in old-fashioned storybooks.”

Doctor Who

In the fourth and last episode of Chasing Shadows, the search for the body of the missing Successful Lawyer, suspected killed by Leonard Vance, takes on a Shocking Twist which absolutely no-one saw coming. At least, that’s what the ITV commissioners would like to think. In fact, I’d had my eye on Vance’s psychiatrist since about halfway through the third episode.

This twist actually adds very little interest to the storyline, mainly because it is apparent to the viewer well before the so-called detectives manage to work it out. I hope the real Missing Persons people aren’t this inefficient, or we’re all in trouble. Alex Kingston’s character becomes even more annoyingly ineffective than she was last week, all bleeding-heart kindness and “how does that make you feel?” And Reece Shearsmith’s socially awkward policeman is simply too narrow-mindedly factual to be at all interesting.

Notwithstanding yet another Shocking Twist right at the end of the episode (plainly sequel-bait of the Reichenbach Fall variety), there’s absolutely no chance I’ll be watching another series of Chasing Shadows, if one should ever materialise. It’s just too dull. And I have better things to do of an evening. Like watching paint dry.

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