Star Trek: The Man Trap

“Money’s rather like a flock of migrating birds. It’ll follow if you know where you’re going.”

Our Zoo

This original series episode epitomises everything that is bad about Star Trek.

The crew of the Enterprise lands on a planet containing only a solitary scientist (because there is no other kind in Star Trek-land) and a woman who is apparently his wife (as well as, coincidentally, an old flame of McCoy’s). Soon, however, they discover that the woman is in fact a salt-hungry, shape-shifting monster who manages to sneak aboard the Enterprise and start killing crewmen – hence the title, although there’s no discernible reason why the monster is characterised as female (when it can just as well take on a male appearance) or why it only attacks male crew members.

The whole thing is a deeply offensive, deeply sexist little story in which all the women are either irrational and weak or evil seductresses corrupting male minds. It’s rage-inducing, not particularly well plotted and terribly acted. And people wonder why Star Trek has a bad name.

I really have nothing else to say on this subject. If you ever find yourself watching this episode, run a mile. Because otherwise you will be struck by an overpowering urge to punch Captain Kirk square in the middle of his stupid face.

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