Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang Pts 1 & 2

“Books were safer than people anyway.”

Neil Gaiman

#WhoOnHorror is back on this blog, mainly because ancient episodes of Doctor Who are very diverting to watch when you’re procrastinating. Because the Horror Channel only shows two episodes in one go, I’m only reviewing the first two parts of a six-parter, on the basis that I can’t remember where one part ends and the other begins.

So. Four and Leela, fresh from the exciting adventure of The Face of Evil, end up in Victorian London, intending to watch a magic show. (Doctor Who and MAGIC? Sold.) But something weird is going on. People are disappearing, there are strange noises beneath the theatre, and the writers are being just the tiniest bit racist. (All the baddies are Chinese. Is some imagination really that hard to come by?) Tom Baker appears to have become a ninja overnight, everyone is dressed as Sherlock Holmes, there’s an ROUS loose in the sewers, and I’m pretty sure the Doctor makes a Lord of the Rings reference at one point: “You can’t go walking round London in skins.” ANYONE?

Like I said, diverting. Especially when that pile of revision is calling.

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