The Great British Bake Off: Pies and Tarts

“Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story.”

Neil Gaiman

Sadly, the amount of chocolate in evidence in this, the fifth episode of the Great British Bake Off (yes, I know I’m horribly behind), is very small. It’s pastry week, and the contestants (minus Diana, who has left due to illness – a suspicious coincidence given her involvement in Bingate last episode) must make, in order, custard tarts, puff pastry pear pies and, for their showstoppers, a tiered pie.

Highlights this week include Norman’s continued refusal to move out of his comfort zone:

I don’t want to stretch myself today because I’m stretching myself tomorrow.

Sure, Norman. That’s how it works on Bake Off.

I’ve been here long enough now to see how everything works and I’m comfortable going the extra mile…

Yep. You said that last week as well. I don’t mean to be horrid, but how has Norman survived this long, anyway?

However, he does name his showstopper the Pieffel Tower, so bonus points for that.

And my favourite moment was when Paul Hollywood entered the tent to look at the technical challenge, the puff pastry pear pies made to his recipe, and, quite clearly, thought “They’re all uniformly terrible.”

It’s a shame, really. Because everyone else is so nice. Never mind. The world cannot always be kittens and fluffy pumpkins.

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