Masterchef: The Professionals Ep. 2

“Secrets are never so dangerous as when they’ve been forgotten.”

Natalie C. Parker

I am a little less tired today, so hopefully, Constant Reader, this post will be a little more coherent than my last Masterchef post. It certainly helped that this episode’s contestants were considerably less dour than last time: we had Samantha, this episode’s token woman chef; Jogi, who looked like he needed to sleep for about a week; Zak, a twenty-one-year-old with no skills; Daniel, who broke his pastry twice over; and Jethro, who has an alarming penchant for vegetables. Unfortunately, as you can probably tell from the above, the standard of these contestants was markedly lower than that of the first episode’s. So much so, in fact, that judges Marcus Wareing and Monica Galetti ended up deciding who to send home by the presentation of their food. 

This is not why I watch Masterchef. It’s especially not why I watch Masterchef: The Professionals. The clue is in the name, guys.

The food looked good, though, even if it tasted horrid. So it wasn’t, I suppose, a total write-off. Just not exactly what I was expecting.

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