Posh People: Inside Tatler Ep. 1

“Introductions are hard to come by when your natural state is shyness.”

Steve Martin

Before you ask how I manage to spend so much of my time watching low-grade “documentaries” and reality TV, the answer is that I have no idea. Possibly because there is nothing that I actually want to watch on iPlayer (apart from The Apprentice, and even that is wearing thin). Possibly because watching unrelatable people make fools of themselves is the best antidote for stress. Who knows. I certainly don’t.

Anyway. Inside Tatler is rather interesting, if only for its insights into how magazines work. How Tatler works, at any rate. It’s a sort of fly-on-the-wall piece following the staff of Tatler as they work on England’s oldest and poshest magazine. It’s also narrated by Laurence Fox off Lewis, so, you know, that’s something.

Of course, the editors of the programme have included strictly the most ridiculously posh things that happen at the magazine. Because if we only saw magazine people going about their normal writing and researching business we’d be bored? Well, I wouldn’t, because I find magazine production fascinating, but I understand that mine is probably a minority view. Anyway, the BBC have made Inside Tatler something of a parade of the bizarre, the silly and the novel. So Tatler‘s style editor goes on a trip to Poundland – “Ohmygod, this place is so great”, she says, exactly as you’d imagine someone saying that – new employee Matthew fails at two assignments on gatecrashing parties and researching the Bullingdon Club (on the latter: “if even the tailor won’t talk about it, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on”. Well, Matthew, we all know what’s going on. It’s not a secret), and Laurence Fox mixes up hunting with horse racing.

It’s all a bit “them-and-us”, a bit voyeuristic, perhaps. Which isn’t to say it’s bad, or offensive in any way; just a little biased, and not very worthy of the title “documentary”.

But if it was, chances are I wouldn’t be watching it. So what can you do.

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