Silent Witness: Protection Pt 1

“We live in a dark world.”

Silent Witness

Silent Witness continues its streak of thoughtfulness in (the possibly slightly glibly-named) Protection, a story about the murder of a paedophile and a missing child, with an interesting discussion about the vilification of social workers woven in. There’s also a Bechdel pass, which is nice.

Structurally, it’s less confusing than part 1 of the last story, Falling Angels, with three major plotlines which will presumably combine in the next episode. That’s a nice structure. I like it; it’s got clarity without being too simplistic. There’s a good chance I’m completely wrong about it, of course, but I probably won’t be too disappointed.

Erm…I feel I’m too tired at the moment to write a coherent review, and in any case it won’t make too much sense without the second part, but this does look promising. Apparently Silent Witness got good when I wasn’t looking.

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