Top Ten Inspirational Characters

“I’ll sing you a song of the long ago –
Seven shine the shiners, oh!
What did the Seven do way back when?
Why, they wove the Charter then!”

 Garth Nix

Hmm. This could be an interesting one.

  1. The Doctor. As I have remarked before, he is in books too. And it is, after all, his character that makes Doctor Who what it is, even through all the cheesiness and plot holes: optimistic, clever, humane and wonderful.
  2. Dirk Gently – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Douglas Adams. It is probably very very bad that I count Dirk Gently as an inspirational character, given his chronic laziness and over-consumption of pizza. But I also think he’s very like the Doctor in many ways – visionary, if you look at him slant-wise. Also hilarious.
  3. Roland Deschain – The Dark Tower, Stephen King. Another possibly iffy choice, but his determination and his general badassery are unbeaten.
  4. Linden Avery – The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Stephen Donaldson. She goes through so much – and yet she perseveres. She lives. She goes on.
  5. Sonmi-451 – Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell. Her mission is, like, mind-blowing; she’s prepared to set up a future that she will never see, such is her devotion to freedom.
  6. Granny Weatherwax – Discworld, Terry Pratchett. I’ve fallen out with Discworld recently, but there’s no arguing with the fact that Granny Weatherwax is badass: tenacious and envious and badhearted and powerful and still, and still, striving against her nature for a fairer and a better world.
  7. Juliette Nichols – Wool, Hugh Howey. She’s a mechanic! Also a mayor! And she tries to make everyone’s lives better! And she gets a romance that in no way compromises her awesomeness! Do you know how rare this combination is in SF?
  8. Jack Glass – Jack Glass, Adam Roberts. Brilliant and ruthless and resourceful. I think I just like clever characters, actually.
  9. Lirael – Lirael, Garth Nix. I related so much to this character when I first read her. A painfully shy misfit who gets to work IN A LIBRARY and then turns out to be an awesome magical person (with a magical dog) who SAVES THE WHOLE WORLD. (OK, fairly obviously I didn’t relate to the last bit but STILL.) And she even gets Nick. Awww. What in that trajectory is bad? THAT’S RIGHT, NOTHING.
  10. Meggie – Inkheart, Cornelia Funke. She sleeps with a book under her pillow. Enough said.

(The theme for this post was suggested by the Broke and the Bookish’s weekly meme Top Ten Tuesday.)

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