Midwinter of the Spirit Review: Ep. 2

“Nobody makes good decisions when they’re tired.”

Midwinter of the Spirit

I’m clearly in the wrong mood for this sort of thing. I quite enjoyed the last episode of ITV’s occult drama Midwinter of the Spirit, but this one was just tedious.

I don’t think anything actually happened.

There was a dead crow in a church. And a creepy woman making friends with teenagers because she is Evil. And, for some reason, lots of inappropriate touching. Not in a Dramatic way, either. Just, “oh, I am going to snog you now, fellow vicar” “oh, OK, I will just let that happen to me”.

Really, I think the issue is that Midwinter of the Spirit still has no idea what it is about, and is trying to be about everything. It’s a Mystery with all the subtlety and complexity of Midsomer Murders (seriously, you can see the twists coming for miles) and also a deep psychological drama about possession and faith and sex (or, at least, it’s trying to be). The effect is to rob the creepy bits of any actual creepiness and to cheapen the psychological bits with Da Vinci Code hokum.

I also think it’s trying to do some edgy stuff around the Christian faith – how does the modern church cope with modern Satanism? – but it doesn’t work. The church is either weedy or sexist, and the Satanists are just evil.

I can’t be bothered with this kind of thing.

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