Friday Linkdump! (because I am lazy)

“There are flowering vines/winding their way around our hearts/if we stand still”


You may have noticed (or not) that I’m currently in the process of winding my blog posting down to a more manageable level. I just can’t sustain a decent post every day, not with a full time job and frequent weekend commitments and all the other stuff I want to do. So, Constant Reader, this is my promise to you, and to myself: I’ll post at least every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Wednesdays will probably be a meme post (Top Ten Tuesday and the like). Mondays and Fridays will be whatever the hell I want.

This Friday? Well, I haven’t watched or read anything worth discussing, so have some Cool Internet Stuff. You’re welcome.

  • Paul Shapera has released his Slenderman Musical! Musically, it’s as awesome as anything he’s written – check out “Transcendation”, “The Librarians”, and “Samuel” for some really insanely catchy tunes. (I sense shades of The New Albion Guide to Analogue Consciousness here, especially in the early songs.)Having said that, I could have done without that weird sequence in “The Hunt”. Some things should just not leave their creators’ brains.Having said that, I can no longer take Slender Man seriously, so that’s something. (“Slut shaming is so not cool!” Quite.) Also, “Welcome to the Decadent Abbey”! (I have to stop this or I’ll write down every single song title in the whole fandango.)
  • The Strange Horizons fund drive is over and they made $20,000 – $2,000 more than they were aiming for. As I have observed before, Strange Horizons is one of my favourite Internet Places, so it’s great that there are so many people who like it as much as I do.
  • The new Star Wars trailer! Hipsterishly, I pretended that I wasn’t excited and “it’s just another stupid film trailer for another stupid film” but then I watched it and EVERYTHING IS VERY EXCITING AND THE FORCE AND HAN IS BACK AND BLEURHGNGHFDNN WHAT IS AIR
  • Not a new thing, but I recently discovered a blog called Myths RETOLD and he does The Silmarillion and it’s very funny indeed. (“if you are moving your entire race all the way across the known world/invent some fucking cell phones”)
  • Currently watching The Apprentice on Wednesday evenings, and it is the usual fascinating train wreck of sexism, bad business practice and backstabbing. Oh, and the Almighty Lord Sugar with his almighty ego making terrible puns and being rude to everyone around him. I think I hate ALS just as much as I hate the contestants.
  • Oh, and I am currently fairly obsessed with Unwoman’s dark, powerfully feminist album Circling. “With All Of My Intelligence” and “Flowering Vines” are my favourites.

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