The English Student Cooks: Courgette Frittata

I’m currently cooking my way through Mary Berry’s Complete Cook Book, which the Pragmatist gave/lent to me when I moved out for my first full-time job. I wanted to document the experience as a kind of cooking diary, and so “The English Student Cooks” was born. This will be an irregular feature, as I only cook when I’m home on my days off, which is Not That Often.

Also, happy Fall of Sauron Day!

Courgette Frittata

Method: I fried one and a half courgettes and a handful of bacon lardons in olive oil for about ten minutes or so. I added three eggs to the pan, lifting the egg up as it cooked and letting the uncooked egg run underneath as you’d do with an omelette. When the egg was just about set, I stuck the pan under the grill for a few minutes until the frittata was brown on the top.

Substitutions/alterations: I used bacon instead of prosciutto, as I already had some in the freezer, and I left out the basil garnish because who can be bothered with basil garnish? Also, I halved all the quantities in the book, as there is only one of me.

Verdict: I was really pleased with how this turned out: it looked like the photo in the book (always a good sign), and there was just enough bacon to give the courgette some interest.

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